Education & Inclusion

EMIT (the nonprofit presenter of the St. Petersburg Jazz Festival) sponsors and supports the Helios Jazz Orchestra and jazz ensembles at St. Petersburg College by underwriting parts of concert costs, college tuition and guest artists educational workshops.

If you want to support jazz education, please consider underwriting the college fee for one or more musicians in the Helios Jazz Orchestra or the SPC Jazz Band.  Both ensembles are courses at St. Petersburg College, directed by David Manson.  The cost of one student enrolling for a semester is only $115 and includes 16 weeks of instruction. This gift will assist seasoned jazz musicians who give of their time to perform with Helios and it will also help younger students enrolled in the SPC Jazz Band.

With support from the Pinellas Community Foundation, EMIT also coordinates the Recording Arts Program with Boys & Girls Club students at the Royal Theater in Midtown.  This innovative program introduces students to digital recording techniques through summer classes with SPC MIRA (Music Industry/Recording Arts) staff.

Your gift  will be 100% tax-deductable.  EMIT is a nonprofit, 501(C)(3) organization.  Please contact EMIT Director David Manson, if you wish to make a donation at or by telephone at (727) 341-4363.


Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Cultural diversity is integral to the mission of EMIT because cultural diversity is integral to music itself. Innovators from diverse backgrounds and cultures have created the music presented by EMIT over the decades. An essential part of the EMIT mission is gaining an appreciation of the rich variety and interdependence of the cultural traditions from which the music that we present. We have long been an advocate of adventurous and inclusive programming.

We must be an organization in which every artist’s voice is valued and respected. A diverse environment is essential to maintaining our role as a leader in adventurous music. It is imperative that we take specific steps to represent the widest array of talented musicians and provide an environment that supports and nurtures their creative process. 

We view diversity holistically, understanding that the definition is constantly evolving. Our definition of diversity includes race, color, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We also know that a diversity of ideas, approaches, disciplines, and learning and musical styles are essential to inclusion and equity. The integration of myriad cultural values and perspectives into what we do at all levels, from programming, presenting and in concerts and in educational outreach.